07 March 2017


That's what I tell myself, everyday and I'm not too sure how much I have to lie to myself on the fact I'm okay, when I'm not. As much as I'm sick of pretending, I know I have to - because why cry in front of a million people who doesn't give a shit, when crying on your own and comfort self with some good food and sleep, is much more rewarding? (sounds stupid but, I really would rather cry when nobody is around and then do something to lighten up myself rather to be secretly judge by people)

It has been ages since I blogged (well, life took a nasty turn last year and the beginning of this year ain't so great either - the only thing that was amazing in 2016 was my life in Switzerland, and that's it). I hope I will find time to blog more often from now, or at least be a little diligent? Most likely not.

So, I was given the opportunity to do my internship in Maldives - which it was not necessary since I've already graduated but I decided to do it for some reasons that are good for me, which have a setback on me, now. I quit, in 4 months time, due to health reasons.

All I can conclude about my 4 months time in Maldives, is that not a single person sees the person I am, nor understands the person I am. Despite quitting the internship sounds like the most ridiculous thing I could ever do to my career, I did it because there's was no love nor empathy in that place.

Nothing goes an extra mile that being kind and having empathy. If being selfish is what makes them successful in their job, I have no further comments.

Despite Maldives have completely crushed everything I believe in, I still live by a simple rule in life: have a heart.

P/S: I do hope anyone who read this, will keep me in your prayers, as I would be admitting into hospital in about one day time, and I'll be doing a surgery for my left knee. Pray for a smooth surgery and also recovery time, so I could get back on my feet to work, again.