19 December 2015

Ripped and seized.

Pretentiously smiling through everything will probably be the best thing I could've ever done , by far. (not too sure what else I'm good at in life - this does not include all my bad habits & everything that's not ... good about me) But really , what else can I do?

Ignore? Would that make me a person with no compassion or sympathy to people who share the part on running the race? Or , will it meant that I'm way more hypocritical than the person I said I'm not?

Hate? Angry? I can't be feeling either one of it ... But should I?

Be the person everyone else wants me to be ... Is it wise? Will I be happy then?

But honestly , why is it so hard for people you love the most to accept the changes in you?

Am I destined to be tie down by people who claimed they love me the way I love them? (& by tie down , I meant to be dictate & allow them to drive me on the pathway of how my life should be)

I knew how my future would be the moment I made the decision , & losing people will be the very first part of it.